Skordalia is usually served with batter-fried fish, also known as bakaliaros. It’s used as a dip or appetizer and consists of a thick puree, crushed garlic, and olive oil.

Skordalia is also combined with fried vegetables, poached fish, or boiled vegetables.


This traditional Greek dish includes big white beans (gigantes), and is baked in a tomato sauce with plenty of fresh herbs.


Known also as tomato fritters, tomatokeftedes is the most popular dish of Santorini, and are fairly easy to be made. This traditional Greek dish consists tomatoes, smashed feta cheese, and herbs, while it’s fried in olive oil.


Gemista are stuffed tomatoes, peppers or any similar vegetable you can think with rice and herbs. It’s one of the most delicious and healthy dishes, although sometimes the recipe includes also minced meat, so always be sure to ask.


Melitzanosalata or Greek for eggplant salad dip is a delicious appetizer, preferred by both locals and tourists in Greece. It includes roasted eggplant salad, is usually served cold as a meze and eaten with bread.

Briam (Roast vegetables)

Briam is a delicious Greek oven-baked recipe and one of the healthiest dishes.

It consists of eggplant, onion, potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes.

Imam Bayildi

Imam bayildi is Turkish for “the imam fainted” and is a delicious recipe and very easy to make. It’s made by eggplant that is stuffed with tomatoes, onion and garlic and it is roasted in a good amount of olive oil.


Made from cabbage or grape leaves filled with rice and fresh herbs, dolmades is a traditional recipe. It’s a great vegetarian appetizer, and is shaped into little rolls and boiled until beautifully tender.


This traditional dish, called “fava,” is the simplest way to prepare yellow split peas. It’s a  common appetizer in Santorini and is perfect for a meze or even a main vegan meal.


Savory pies are perhaps the favorite dishes of all Greeks. Particularly, spanakopita is made by crispy phyllo and is filled with a soft spinach and feta mixture. You can find it on every street corner in Greece.