Snails (Kohli “Bourbouristi”)

Fried with their shell that make a popping sound when cooked this dish is an appetizer and a favorite meal, especially in Crete.


Well…it looks like a sausage but it isn’t.

It is actually made from the heart and spleen of lamb, both minced and staffed in the large intestine taken from a big male goat. It’s not as gross as it sounds!


Patsas is the belly of the lamb chopped in small pieces. It’s actually a tasty soup and definitely the best hangover reliever.

Sea urchin Salad

You can eat them in a delicious salad or raw with a twist of lemon, directly eaten as ripped from the sea, in every single way it’s a really tasty dish.

 Lamb’s head

During the Easter lot’s of lambs are roasted in Greece and if you are a guest then Greeks will honor you with offering you to eat the eyeballs or brains.

Octopus fried ink sack

The ink sack is removed and then deep fried. You can usually met this really strange dish at the island of Kalymnos.

Marinated Gavros

This is a very small fish cooked in salt and served with a bit of oil as a food snack with a glass of ouzo.

Kokoretsi / Kontosouvli

They are prepared for Easter day.

The first is made with leaver and fat, and wrapped with the intestines and Kontosouvli  is something like lamb chops through a roasting spit.

Kaltsounia Sweet

You can find this dish in Crete and it contains a star shaped dough, white cheese (myzithra), with some honey and cinnamon. It’s absolutely delicious.

Karidaki Sweet

Karidaki sweet is made from a whole walnut which is prepared for many days along with its shell to become very soft so you can chew it and it is eaten.