Greeks tend to eat from the same plate

Greeks people are very sociable individuals who enjoy sharing a series of small portions of food all together.

Weather it seems weird to you or not, try to avoid any kind of commentary.

Don’t say Istanbul

Perhaps the most sensitive subject for Greeks. During the Byzantine era, Istanbul was known as Konstantinopoli, the ‘City of Constantin’.

After Ottoman took over the city they rebaptized it Istanbul, which is Greek for “to the city”, as the Greeks used to call it.

Don’t Complain about the amount of oil in the food

Greeks tend to use a notable amount of olive oil when cooking, as it consists of antioxidants and is considered the healthier oil in the world.

Don’t ask why they put feta cheese in everything

Considering Greece is known for its high consumption of cheese in the world, it’s no surprise feta cheese is used in a variety of dishes.

Even though Greece produces dozens of cheeses throughout the country, feta cheese is the mostly used due to its versatility.

Don’t ask for ketchup in a tavern

It’s not really offensive to ask for ketchup in a tavern. It just seems odd to Greeks, as in Greek food, and especially fried potatoes, they never put ketchup.

Of course, if you ask for one in a tavern, they will bring you, although it’s better to avoid it when you enjoy traditional food.

Don’t ask if Greeks still worship ancient Gods

Greece is a predominantly Orthodox country. Although there is a tiny portion of the Greek population that fight for the restoration of the ancient Greek polytheist religion, the majority of the nation does not.

Don’t ask the name of a newborn Baby

It’s a tradition for Greeks not name their newborns before they are baptized, so you may want to avoid to ask what the baby’s name is going to be.

It’s more a cultural issue as before that special day, the baby is referred to as ‘bebe’, if it’s a boy or ‘beba’ if it’s a girl.

Don’t ask why Greeks hate Turks and vice versa

Although both sides may sometimes not admit it, there is a stated degree of tension between the two countries.

Asking about it might create some tension in the conversation for nothing, unless you’re discussing it with someone well versed in the matter.

Don’t order a Turkish coffee

Like the point above, there is an argument about that issue. You might want to be tactful and just say Greek coffee when in Greece and Turkish when in Turkey.

Don’t Ask what the deal is with FYROM

In this case, just remember that Greece has a region called Macedonia and thus refuses to acknowledge their northern neighbor’s right to call itself Macedonia.

If you have to mention the country, refer to it as FYROM.