The people known as “krahtes” outside the restaurants

In many tourist locations, you’ll notice people, known as “krahtes”, standing outside the restaurants, trying to invite passengers to their restaurant.

Some tourists find that annoying and even though they refuse the offer politely, they insist on talking about their restaurant.

Not enough monuments advertisement

Wherever you go in Greece, you’ll find countless magnificent monuments to visit. Something that tourists don’t like about that is that Greeks don’t advertise enough their historic ruins.

If they did so, they would attract even more tourists and would assist their economy in a more beneficial way.

The rubbish issue in Big Cities

When you walk around tourist locations, especially in a big city like Athens, you’ll notice that the trash cans are full with the rubbish overflowing them.

The weather is too hot

Tourists who come from noticeably colder countries, like Russians or Scandinavians are not used in abrupt weather changes.

So, some of them complain about the high temperatures of the country, as it make them feel uncomfortable especially when they stroll under the hot sun for hours.

They smoke in public places

Despite the fact that the law against smoking in public places went into effect almost 10 years ago, Greece is not even close to implementing it.

And even though smokers are the minority, they are the ones who decide where smoking is permitted, which is everywhere, literally.

They are driving very fast and dangerous

Greeks interpret even basic traffic regulations differently than most of us. Somehow the relaxed way of enjoying life does not extend to driving.

Motorycles riders don’t wear helmets

It must be impossible to make a living in Greece with a shop that sells helmets and protective gear for motorcycles.

You only encounter motorcycle drivers in T-shirt, shorts, and without a helmet.