The changing of the guards in Athens happens every hour at the Parliament building in front of Syntagma Square. Each Sunday at 11.00am though, the ceremony is more elaborate.


The Evzones is the name of several historical elite infantry and mountain units of the Greek Army. The first reference for the Evzones was from Homer, for the Mirmidones of Achilles The Evzones are beating their shoes (tsarouhia) for ancestors to hear that we are alive and free.

The tsaruhia weigh is about 3 Kg each and the red color symbolizes the blood spilled into the wars. The tsaruhia , had 60 nails to hook on the ground in the inaccessible mountain areas and were pointed to be used as weapons in body-wrestling. the same symbolizes the color and the hat (or fareo), plus the long black tassel that symbolizes the tears for the people who gave their lives for thr freedom.

The shirt has a white color, which generally dominates the whole of the Evzone uniform, is considered to symbolize the purity of the national competitions. The bottom part of the uniform it call Fustanela and have 400 folds because so were the years of slavery from the Ottoman domination.


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