A British Airways plane was struck by a lightning while flying over the airport of the island of Skiathos on Monday.

Plane landed safe in Athens, all passengers recovered from the shock, aircraft is undergoing inspection on possible damages. The airplane was flying from London to Skiathos with 45 passengers which became nervous and frightened when they saw a bright flash and heard a loud bang.
Those sitting at the windows saw a lighting ‘tearing’ apart the heavy and grey clouds. At the same time,there was a strong rainfall. It was a few minutes before the pilot started the landing process when a lightning stroke the plane. Within seconds the holiday flight with British and Greek passengers turned into a nightmare. According to a local newspaper, the pilot communicated with the control tower at the Skiathos airport and informed the staff that the plane was struck by a lightning and the plane was in trouble.

At that point, the pilot did not have a clear picture of whether the airplane had suffered external damages,so he decided to not take any risk and to land the plane at the Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens. They land in safety was and the British Airways took care of the passengers’ accommodation and meals.

They continued their way to Skiathos with other flights on Tuesday morning. According to newspaper information, the lightning caused some damages that need to be repaired.