Top 12 Most Unusual Beaches in Greece

These 12 beautiful and unique beaches are considered the most extraordinary stretches in Greece and in Greek Islands due to their unique features.

Top 12 Blue Flag Beaches in Greece

These 12 amazing beaches around Greece have been awarded the Blue Flag, due to their pristine waters as well as easy access and amenities.

Top 10 Facts you should know about Greece

If you want to know this beautiful country and its magical Greek Islands better then here are some interesting and basic facts you should know about it.

Where in Kefalonia You Can Find a Paradise on Earth?

The secret heavenly beach of Fteri in Kefalonia is a destination that you should definitely visit.

Discover 5 Secret Beaches in Mykonos

This cosmopolitan island with the parties and the glamorous nights has also a peaceful, relaxing side for you to discover.

Chania: A Dreamlike Land of Insuperable Beaches

Greece and summer are inseparable. In every corner of this beautiful country there is always a beach ready to welcome you.

The Unknown Exotic Greek Island that Has Warm Waters All Year Round and No...

Think of a huge natural bay with a length of more than 700 meters, absolute peace around you, turquoise sea color and crystal clear waters.

The Secret Beach of Greece Which is a Charming Paradise

Not many know about it, but those who know this beach can not get enough of it.

This is the Most Beautiful Beach in Greece and You Can’t Imagine Where it...

A small, exotic beach in northern Thassos, 5km from Limenas, enchants every visitor of the island.

The Hidden, Tropical Beaches of the Greek mountains!

On the waterways of the Acheloos Valley, the beaches have only blue flags, because the river waters descend from the unspoiled, virgin beaches of Agrafa, Valtos and the Farsi Mountains.

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