Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches In Greece

Greek churches are well-known by millions of tourists and believers due to their unique beauty. Here is a list of the most beautiful churches in Greece.

10 Things Tourists Love about Greek People

Aside from their generosity, kindness and talkative nature, Greek people are also loved by foreign visitors for these 10 specific qualities.

Top 10 Facts about the Greek Language

The Greek language is perhaps the oldest in Europe and has a long and well-documented history. Here are ten interesting facts about the Greek language.

Hotels in this Greek city are 100% fullybooked for this Christmas !

The custom with Christmas flames fills the city! Completeness reaching 100% in the hotel bookings. Do you know the city ? :)

Discover Skyros Island: An almost untouched heaven with a traditional way of life

Many tourists visiting the magical country of Greece are focusing on finding an accommodation to a Cycladic island. Be different and discover Skyros.

Greece asks EU & United Kingdom for the return of the Parthenon Marbles as...

Brexit is now a fact. The country of Great Britain decided to leave EU once for all. What does this mean for other aspects regarding other matters?

Saying Hello to Greece – in Greek

In Greece, almost everyone in the tourist industry speaks a little English, but it is always a plus if you know how to say a few words.

Top 10 Greek Products and Where to Find Them

The last 3 years over 37,000 foreign users from 145 countries were looking for Greek products and Greek export companies.

10 Unique And Unusual Greek Superstitions

We are daily surrounded by superstition and in Greece this thing is very common and some of them are really strange.

10 Places in Greece Every Woman Should Go

Greece is a wonderful place and has countless things to do and see.

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