Chania: A Dreamlike Land of Insuperable Beaches

Greece and summer are inseparable. In every corner of this beautiful country there is always a beach ready to welcome you.

Sitia, The Muse of Crete

Inspiration for poets, "treasure" for pirates and an amazing destination for you to discover and create memorable experiences.

Paradise on Earth: The Unknown Uninhabited Island With the 36 Exotic Beaches

Well, to discover Paradise, you do not have to look very hard. You have to go to Crete, enter the boat from Makry Gialos and reach the  wonderful Koufonissi, an island exotic and yet enigmatic,...

Archanes: The Most Colorful Village of Crete

One of the most famous settlements of Crete waits to teach you in a decorative, colorful courtyard, culture, taste, tradition, colors, perfumes and life itself.

This is the Most beautiful Village of Santorini

Pyrgos, the medieval village that dominates the hillside of Prophet Elias and oversees the whole of Santorini is definitely a magical place.

This is the Most exotic Beach in Greece

Gramvousa (Balos) is a gorgeous islet with beaches of fine white sand and pebbles at the far north western tip of the Greek Island of Crete!

The Island That has Enchanting Beauty is Next to Pelion and you can Reach...

Very close to the entrance of Pagasitikos there is an island of unique and rare beauty!

The Secret Beach of Greece Which is a Charming Paradise

Not many know about it, but those who know this beach can not get enough of it.

This is the Most Beautiful Beach in Greece and You Can’t Imagine Where it...

A small, exotic beach in northern Thassos, 5km from Limenas, enchants every visitor of the island.

The Untouched Island of 150 Residents Next to Naxos With the Unexplored Cave

It captivates the visitors with the magnificent view of its mountain paths and the crystal clear coastline, while offering a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

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