Restaurant in the Sky in Athens, Greece

See the Acropolis of Athens from above while enjoying a delicious dinner! Located in the heart of Athens, Dinner in the Sky offers a unique experience.

The world’s most perfect plunge pool is in Santorini

Aside from the gorgeous sunsets, the Greek island of Santorini is also renowned for its incredible infinity pools.

The Amazing Ancient Greek Architecture ( Must See )

The Greeks have offered the architectural world some great marvels. These are the ten most glorious ancient Greek structures.

10 Countries That Hate Greece The Most

These ten countries are generally known as the most anti-Greek countries.

10 Diet Lessons From The Healthiest People – Mount Athos Monks –

The Greek Orthodox monks of Mount Athos in Greece have enjoyed long lives and healthy bodies for centuries, thanks to their unique diet and lifestyle. These are the 10 best dietary lessons from them.

10 Heroic Figures of Greek War of Independence In 1821

These are 10 of the most important heroic figures of Greek War of Independence in 1821, who played a major role in the liberation of Greece.

Top 12 Most Unusual Beaches in Greece

These 12 beautiful and unique beaches are considered the most extraordinary stretches in Greece and in Greek Islands due to their unique features.

The 12 Natural Colors Of Greece

The beautiful country of Greece features a breathtaking variety of colors. These the 12 colors of Greece you should discover.

Top 10 White-Sand Beaches in Greece

These are the 10 most outstanding white beaches in Greece that feature amazing turquoise or blue waters, attracting countless visitors annually.

Top 8 Things Tourists Don’t like about Greece

Greece and the Greek Islands is one of the most visited places of the world. There are some specific qualities though, that tourists don't like about Greeks.

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