Paradise on Earth: The Unknown Uninhabited Island With the 36 Exotic Beaches

Well, to discover Paradise, you do not have to look very hard. You have to go to Crete, enter the boat from Makry Gialos and reach the  wonderful Koufonissi, an island exotic and yet enigmatic,...

Tenerife Becomes Athens in Bourne Film Installment as Greece Turns Away Massive Hollywood Production

While many countries are looking to cash in on Hollywood film budgets and lure international productions, Greece continues to push them away.

7 Ancient Greek Aphrodisiacs

People were always seeking pleasure and they had the impression that some herbs had some aphrodisiac results. Some of them considered due to their shape which resembled the shape of man/woman genitals.

5 Hidden-Gems In The Greek islands

Many visitors come to the Greek islands with an ingrained image: Whitewashed houses and churches with vivid blue accents & crisp burnt orange sunsets!

The Best of Byzantine & Medieval Greece

Mistra, Peloponnese With beautiful streets that lined with the remains of homes both humble and palatial, this place has also some of the most beautiful churches.Click the Next ARROW to see the next image! Church of Panagia...

The Island That has Enchanting Beauty is Next to Pelion and you can Reach...

Very close to the entrance of Pagasitikos there is an island of unique and rare beauty!

The Hidden, Tropical Beaches of the Greek mountains!

On the waterways of the Acheloos Valley, the beaches have only blue flags, because the river waters descend from the unspoiled, virgin beaches of Agrafa, Valtos and the Farsi Mountains.

10 Great Day Trips from Athens

Visiting Athens you will also have the opportunity to explore its suburbs and the near travel destinations. So, do not miss to make day trips! Find out more about splendid destinations in our list below.

10 Cafes in Greece with the Most Amazing Views

Greece has many picturesque corners to discover. It's not only the Greece islands with the unbelievable beauty but also the whole country,

10 Breathtaking Photos Of Winter in Greece

How Do The Most Popular Greek Sities Look Like In Winter? 10 Photos That Will Make You Book A Trip To Greece...10 Breathtaking Photos of Winter in Greece.

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