Top 10 Sights in Greece

Greece is a place full of beautiful places to visit. Every single corner has a breathtaking view for you to admire.

10 Of The Most Luxury Hotels In Greece

Greece is one of the most beloved travel destinations especially in the summer touristic periods. Read our list and get informed about the top hotels!

Big News; Bruce Willis spotted in the beautiful island of Corfu

It is well-known that Bruce Willis is a huge fan of the Greek islands, as he has his own cottage here. He was spotted in Corfu during his vacations! Learn more about it!

Best 10 Beaches In Greece With Turquoise Waters

Greece has many beautiful beaches worth visiting. Some of them combine Mediterranean climate with crystal clear turquoise waters to create something exotic!

Top 10 Tasty Greek Gifts

Every region in Greece has its unique and delicious local product to bring home when you're back.

Discover 5 Secret Beaches in Mykonos

This cosmopolitan island with the parties and the glamorous nights has also a peaceful, relaxing side for you to discover.

Best Things To Do In Spetses

Spetses is a wonderful picturesque island and makes a perfect getaway from Athens. Here are the best things to do there!

British Airways plane struck by lightning while flying over Skiathos Island in Greece !

Panic in the air: British airplane was stuck by a lightning in its way Greece...

5 Hidden-Gems In The Greek islands

Many visitors come to the Greek islands with an ingrained image: Whitewashed houses and churches with vivid blue accents & crisp burnt orange sunsets!

Amazing Places To See In Chalki

Chalki is a less known but equally beautiful island of the Dodecanese. Let's explore the best places to see there!

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