Volos “crashes” the Guinness record with the biggest syrtaki dance!

In Greece the people know to have a good time. That is why dance is considered to be a huge part of the Greek tradition. Sirtaki is a popular traditional dance of Greek origin....

10 Fascinating Facts About Greece

There are lots of things about the modern history of Greece, that will amaze you. Read our list and find out! Enjoy and dont forget to share...

10 Of The Most Wonderful Places To Visit In The Peloponnese

Natural beauty is the characteristic of Peloponnese. With its olive trees, mountains & sandy beaches is considered to be one of the most famous destinations

8 Of The Most Charming Islands Near To Athens

Visiting Greece you should not forget its islands. There are so many little islands near to the capital city that are waiting for you to explore them!

10 Of The Most Luxury Hotels In Greece

Greece is one of the most beloved travel destinations especially in the summer touristic periods. Read our list and get informed about the top hotels!

10 Most Famous Greek Temples

The most important building type in ancient Greece was the temple with massive column. These are the top 10 amazing and world renowned!

The 10 Most Famous Movies Shot in Greece

Check out 10 best movies shot in Greece. Don't be suprised if While Greece you see a new film shot, since the endless blue and the sun makes a perfect set !

The 10 Most Impressive Waterfalls In Greece

Greece is known for the beautiful islands, the sea and the warm weather. Time to discover some wonderful mountains with impressive, - must see- waterfalls!

10 Greek Singers Renowned Worldwide

Have a look and discover the 10 most famous female and male singers from Greece. These artists managed to make an international succesful career !

10 Must Visit Seaside Towns In Greece !

Take a look at our list for the 10 top seaside towns around Greece, away from the tourist buzz. Discover a different side of this remarkable country.

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