Greece breaks Guinness World Record for frying 554 Kilos of Potatoes! (photos)

The residents of Naxos were on a mission to break the Guinness World Records with their famous potatoes and on Saturday July 15, they achieved their goal.

Greece’s in the top 10 CNN Gourmet Destinations

Internationally recognized for its flavors, Greece could not be absent from the list of top 10 food destinations in the world, as CNN readers voted for them.

Can you believe there is a Venice in Greece ?

Blended by the shallow, blue waters of the Mesolongi lagoon, there is a small island, built semi-circularly facing south.

British Airways plane struck by lightning while flying over Skiathos Island in Greece !

Panic in the air: British airplane was stuck by a lightning in its way Greece...

Find Out Which Of The 10 Amazing Greek Islands is the Best For You...

Nightlife, religious tourism, better hotels, food, beaches, wine and whatever you are looking for you can find it in Greece.

The Greek Island with the Tropical Beaches !

With tropical beaches, ancient waterfalls, sandy beaches , mountain villages in gorges with wild beauty and settlements in pine Thassos can be described as a piece of heaven.

The Delicious Greek Breakfast

Seasonal ingredients, handmade products and authentic delicious flavors: the unique recipe of Greek traditional breakfast.

Kythera, Journey to the Island of History

Castles, caves, villages and beaches. An island with history and unparalleled beauty!

Chania: A Dreamlike Land of Insuperable Beaches

Greece and summer are inseparable. In every corner of this beautiful country there is always a beach ready to welcome you.

Sitia, The Muse of Crete

Inspiration for poets, "treasure" for pirates and an amazing destination for you to discover and create memorable experiences.

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