Skyros is a magical island located at the Aegean Sea belonging to an archipelago called Sporades. The island is famous for its wonderful landscapes and waters. There are many thing to explore here, if you are a nature-lover and you love hiking.

However, apart from all these there are also other aspects of the island that will intrigue you. One of them is its historical background.

The island’s history is long and goes far beyond with many recent archeological finds at Palamari, near Atsitsa.

There, the archaeologists have uncovered a well-fortified village, which is estimated to date back to the early Bronze Age!

Considering this fact, history is of a great importance on this island. We should also not forget that Achilles, who was the hero of the Trojan war, spent his early years here.

The contemporary side of Skyros is also worth a visit. Explore its old village and gaze at its white cubic-style houses.

The island is well-known for having many different elements combined harmonically together in a wonderful mixture.

If you have a chance, you should meet locals and feel their kindness. The island is family-friendly, as doors are left unlocked and children play out at the streets. Have the chance to spend your vacations here and you will not regret it!

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