Family House Remodel Features Pavilion-Like Living SpacesFamily House Remodel Features Pavilion-Like Living Spaces

AM Architecture designed the Camberwell House, a 5,920 square-foot (550 square-meter) residence located in Melbourne, Australia. This family house remodel expands on an existing house on the plot, which lacked an optimum indoor-outdoor connection.

The brief requested more space for the large family, a better layout and an improved relationship with the neighboring leafy park. Additionally, the space clearly needed a common area.

“To resolve this, we created a split level for the living areas, and the entry experience was re-routed to this new center,” the architects explained. The pavilion-like living room is now where the kids, parents and guests can meet up and share valuable time together.

To balance the extensive use of glass, the architects used an insulated glazed unit with a low E coating. This helps the room stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Large internal brick walls also help regulate heat.

The space is furnished with “mid-century but forward-looking furniture.” The architects added: “Simple ceramic pendant lights drape down at each post location, and a dramatic fireplace reinforces the verticality of both the space and the neighboring trees.” The bedrooms enjoy an increased level of peacefulness and seclusion on the upper level. Photography by Dianna Snape.

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