Heritage on Display at Ancestry HeadquartersHeritage on Display at Ancestry Headquarters

Heritage is the focus behind the design at the new headquarters for Ancestry. Designed by Rapt Studiothe interiors feature comfortable lounging areas and high-tech meeting spaces, as well as communal eating tables. Since the purpose behind this Utah-based company is helping people find their personal history, they wanted their new headquarters to be an integral part of telling their own story.

The 10.5-acre site is located in Central Utah, the central hub of Ancestry’s activities. The four-story building contains conference rooms and offices, a fitness center, a cafe with central dining, and an outdoor patio for socializing. Throughout the building, art pieces on display focus on abstract ideas like history and lineage, as well as more concrete scientific concepts like genetics.

The four-story building hosts impressive views of Mount Timpanogos and the beautiful countryside around it. All in all, the office totals around 210,000 square feet.

Ancestry, started in the 1980’s, is the largest genealogical database in the world, and they wanted their new headquarters to reflect that purpose. “The aim throughout is to root the abstractions of regional migration, genealogy, genetics, and data in familiar objects present in the space.”

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