The custom with Christmas flames fills the city! Completeness reaching 100%  in the bookings of the hotels in Florina, as it is very much the interest of visitors from all over the country to live on Saturday, December 23, the custom with the Christmas fires.

“And this year we expect a lot of visitors. There is hotel occupancy and it’s hard to find a room in Florina. Those who are interested in watching this custom, which is lost in the depths of the centuries, will have to search for beds on the outskirts of Amynteo and Ptolemaida, “Mayor Florinas, Ioannis, told the radio station of RES – MPO” 104.9 FM ” Voskopoulos.

According to the mayor, everything is ready and this year to revive the traditional custom with Christmas flames in Florina. Shortly after 10 pm on the 23rd of December and early in the morning of the 24th of the month, Christmas Eve, all the neighborhoods of the city are burning fires.

Each neighborhood is thrown into its own “fight”, aiming at the greatest fire – in many cases its height exceeds 15 meters – while the locals have fun with wine, raki and dishes.

Preparing for the firing of the fire begins long before, with the youth groups storing the tones of the wood and shoving them in shifts, as – according to the custom – the children of another neighborhood are preparing to steal them.

“We raise great fires in all the neighborhoods, we have the music from the bronzes that accompany our entertainment. 

Not only have we not lost our mood because of the economic crisis but, on the contrary, we are making a great effort to make the events even better every year, “added Voskopoulos.


The people of Florina and the wider region, devoted to their place and their beauty, have managed since the dawn of the new millennium to turn traditional Macedonian cuisine into talk of the city in Athens, as their creations sweep the awards at the high Requirements contests!

Goat meatballs, wild boar with homemade noodles, ravioli with wild mushrooms and the escort of the unique wine-making of the region, give more meaning to the expression “Macedonian gastronomy”!

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