Minimalist, Natural Beach HouseMinimalist, Natural Beach House

Rising out of the Westlandse Zoom dunes like a rock on the beach, this minimalist family home embraces natural inspiration in more than just design. Global Architects designed this beach house in the South of Holland. This light sand colored house resembles a rock rising from the surrounding beach grass.

Each side of the house is asymmetrical, giving it more of an organic appearance.  The south side opens up to natural gorgeous natural views and features windows of different sizes overlooking the water. The roof and walls join together with no gable, making the resemblance to a small beach rock even more striking. The floors are weathered, contrasting the clean white walls of the house. Two patios allow for outdoor living in all seasons.

The natural inspiration doesn’t end at the exterior design. Buried 135 meters below the house are 2 earth thermal ground heat pumps, which serve to make the house more carbon neutral. It relies on a solar heater and lower floor cooling. The house is well insulated against the weather, making it more energy efficient.

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