As expected, the first Christmas snowfall invaded for good this year.

The snow has decisively striked several parts of northern and central Greece, whilst heavy snowfalls are anticipated in Peloponnese and the areas around.Furthermore, constant snowfalls, according to the steady cameras, have occured in mountainous Arkadia, Ziria and Menalo as in Helmo in Peloponnese too.
Local authorities have already warned all travellers to be extremely carefull especially in Korinthos-Patra highway with direction to Kalamta and Sparti, where abundant snowfalls are expected.

Also, it’s already snowing in Parnitha and Attiki. The bad weather will be held back for few hours on Friday, although a new low pressure has been predicted since Saturday, which will strike the country as it will have arisen from the northwest.According to the breaking weather news of HNMS (Hellenic National Meteorological Service): On Friday (22-12-2017) the weather phenomena will be continued in Cyclades and in east Aegean and Dodecanese during the night.

Heavy snowfalls will also occur in mountainous Crete (mainly in west). Also, the north winds in Aegean will range from 8 to 9 of the Beaufort scale.
On Saturday (23-12-2017) the weather phenomena will have been limited until noon in east Aegean and Crete. Local snowfalls are expected from north, mainly in east, as well as rainstorms in Aegean, strong north winds and further temperature plunge all over the country.

The instructions of General Secretariat for Civil Protection are:

  • Stay informed from the radio and the TV about the weather conditions progress.
  • Place in obvious spot in your house the numbers above for case of emergency, as soon as your children are capable to use them, and make sure they are aware of them.
  • As soon as the bad weather has passed keep following through the radio and tv the official warnings or advices and check your house and every other of your assets to write down possible damages.
  • Do not ignore the instructions of General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the weather forecasts of HNMS and the suggestions of local authorities, like Traffic Police, Port Authority, Fire Department etc.
  • Wear the appropriate clothing, if you have to move on foot and be careful when you walk to avoid injuries because of the slippery ground and sidewalks or because of possible falling of object due to strong wind or hailstorm.