Step Inside this Sophisticated Attic HomeStep Inside this Sophisticated Attic Home

This attic home is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Designed and built by ScandinavianHomes, the layout of this home is somehow simultaneously cozy and grand; the 163 square meter home has high reaching ceilings — coming in at almost 4 meters tall. There are windows on three sides of the home, allowing both natural light and views of the surrounding city.

Exposed wooden beams contrast the whitewashed living areas. The open concept living areas transition seamlessly to kitchen space, with a grand fireplace as the center structure. This three bedroom condominium includes an additional flexible loft space for out of town guests.

The master bathroom includes two Takdushcar shower heads enclosed with a corner fitting tub. An en suite sauna, including a window with a view, rounds out the rest of the bathroom.

The designers fully profited from the shape of the space and the layout of the building. The height is utilized to create dramatic spaces for art and for living; the lowered sections of the roof create cozy niches and storage space. The result is a sophisticated but comfortable living and entertaining space.

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