In the villages of Greece, traditionally in the morning, they consumed large quantities of animal fats to withstand the time of day, and it is considered the most important meal of the day.

In Chania the “traditional breakfast” is stacked egg, while in Epirus and Macedonia cheeses and butter pies. A generous piece of fermented bread with a few olives wrapped in a clean scarf carrying them in the fields or in the city’s work was a snack.

Today, combining the richness of the Greek diet and the luxury of the freshly cut and handmade, the breakfast has changed for the Greeks. At the hotel units the traditional Greek breakfast awaits you to enjoy it.

Epirus pies filled with seasonal ingredients, spinach pie, a good piece of cheese island and fine honey, some delicious sausages, pink tomatoes and fresh eggs and of course handmade jam from the juicy fruits of the garden.

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