Greek woman salary

Even though equality between the sexes has officially established, the truth is that women are still underpaid in their jobs or are provided less benefits.

60% of Greek women are unemployment

There is a high percentage of women that don’t work for any reason that could happen. Actually, only the 40% of the Greek women are engaged in employment.

Bad habits

Greek women rank 3rd in the world in daily smoking with 27%. The actual proportion of female daily smokers equals to as more than one in four Greek women.

Military obligations

In theory, Greek women are considered responsible individuals for military service.

However, only volunteers are taking part in the service, and the women appear to be satisfied with this situation.

Divorsing assets

In a case of a divorce, every asset of the couple is equally split between.

Especially when there is a child, the woman deserves an alimony in most cases.

Marriage and name change

There was a time when a Greek woman was married she had to change her maiden name and be called by her husband’s. Today this is considered optional…

Birth rate

Greek women give birth only to half as many children, as they did before WW 2.

Greece has the second lowest birth-rate in Europe. Italy has the lowest birth-rate.

Civil marriage

Civil marriage has been legal in Greece since 1982.

However, only 5% of the women chooses civil marriage, with the rest 95 % to be married religiously in the church.


Arranged marriages in Greece are not allowed anymore and are forbidden by law. Also as paying dowry. Still though, you can witness examples of both!

Life expectancy

The average age for Greek women overweighs that of the men.

Greek women live for average 80 years, while men only for 75 years. Of course if the woman is a residence of Ikaria island, then propably she will pass 100 years ! 🙂