Unique Amenities that Cater to Modern Life in RioUnique Amenities that Cater to Modern Life in Rio

Cité Arquitetura completed Sorocaba 112, which already stands out in the hip Botafogo neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro with its mix of truly unique amenities.  The biggest — it offers a customized bicycle for the residents of each unit.  This is a major draw for urban cyclists.

A colorful storage space on the ground floor makes life here even easier for bike enthusiasts.  It has the feel of a parking garage for bikes with individual spaces set aside and features a map of the surrounding area.

The building also caters to young families with a play room for kids.  The room includes a slide and synthetic grass to mimic an outdoor playground that would be difficult to accommodate in the building’s urban space.

Each of the twelve apartments in the building features an outdoor space to enjoy the Rio sunshine.  Among these, large balconies run along the front face of the building.  They offer a luxurious space and create a cool, modern look in white and glass. [Photography and information courtesy of ArchDaily]

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