The wonderful beach Vathi is formed at the exit of a small gorge and looks like a paradise on Earth. It is surrounded by high rocks that hide it from those on the open sea.

It looks like a lagoon and is not affected by the strong winds in the area. You can’t almost never find waves and it is not organized at all.

There is only one small cafe, which provides the very essentials to the visitors of the area and to the boats that bring tourists from Matala. If you want to stay or eat, you will only find something in the village of Sivas, which is about 17 km away.

The beach has sand, pebbles, crystal clear waters and several trees around. This beautiful natural hiding place was once a pioneer base and a hermitage for the monks of the Odigitria monastery. Nudism is not allowed, as it is considered to offend the religious history of the site.

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